Home Remodeling: When to Call the Professionals!

Roofing, Gutter, Window & Door Replacements: When to Call the Professionals!

When issues with roofing, gutters, windows and doors pop up at a home or commercial property, owners and property managers are often tempted to rectify the problem themselves.

Although DIY is often an effective solution for small inconveniences, it is advisable to call in a local expert for more serious concerns.

There are many reasons why you should consider replacing outdated roofing, guttering, windows and doors at your property, such as:

  • Preventing more serious damage and costing you more money in the long run
  • Enhancing the appearance of your home
  • Increasing the value of your property, making it easier to sell or rent in the future
  • Making your home more energy efficient and lower your heating bill
  • Providing a more comfortable environment for you and your family
  • Securing your property against potential intruders
  • Peace of mind knowing everything is taken care of


Below we take a deep dive into the exterior elements of your homes: Roofing, Gutters, Windows, & Doors and some things you, as the property owner, should keep an eye out for.


Making sure that the roofing of your property is in good condition is vitally important to the safety and longevity of your home’s structure. Roofing with missing tiles can cause leakage, potentially developing serious problems such as damp which can also extensively damage decorative finishes throughout your home. Prevent problems by regularly inspecting your roofing and immediately fix minor problems such as slipped tiles. However, if the issue is serious, such as extensive leakage or moss growth, contact a licensed contractor for further investigation and potential replacement.


Properly functioning gutters will ensure any rainwater falling onto your home will be discharged into drains. Nevertheless, when a gutter system ages, problems start to occur. Cast iron gutters can rust, causing holes and leakage. Leaks can also occur from unstable joints. Be sure to regularly inspect your gutters while it is raining to ensure water is being discharged into drains correctly. If you do notice some minor leakage, you could attempt to repair this yourself if you are a handy person. However for more serious problems, we recommend calling in the experts.


Having well maintained windows and doors at your home is important for several reasons. As well as keeping you and your loved ones safe, the windows and doors are essential to keeping you warm and also help cut down on energy costs. Drafty windows and doors make for uncomfortable and costly living situations. Additionally, stiffness in opening, peeling paint and rot are just some of the most common problems homeowners in Connecticut report with their windows and doors. There are solutions such as seal strips and lubricating oil which can be attempted by a competent handy homeowner. But, if your windows and doors are past their best, contact your local installers for a replacement price.


So, if you are a “Do-It-Yourself-er” it’s always okay to go ahead and fix minor problems on your own… But there are often occasions when problems are severe and require professional option. Never hesitate to give us a call at Stonybrook Remodeling! If it’s an easy fix, we will help you figure it out on your own… And if it’s a more serious problem we will pop over for a quick visit and come up with a solution that fits your budget. 


With our partnership with Saint Gobain, you are guaranteed only the best materials and an impressive 50 year warranty for labor and materials, providing you with a solution that will last a lifetime.

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