Top Tips for Spring Cleaning in Connecticut!

It’s that time of year again! Here are our Top Tips for an efficient and enjoyable outdoor spring cleaning:

Make a Plan
There are dozens of chores to do both inside and outside your home this spring. Sit down with a piece of paper and big glass of water and write down a master list customized to your home of everything that needs to be cleaned and organized both inside and outside. Break down your days & hours, and attack that list until it is complete. Do not drive yourself crazy by keeping it all in your head. Dedicate a day and chip away at that list until it is complete.

Pick up Debris, Trash, Sticks, & Leaves
We all leave behind some leaves from the fall that get caught up under the snow and forgotten in the cold… And pieces of debris usually fly around in the winter months and go ignored… If you can enlist the help of your kids for this clean up, even better! Buy a decent rake with a comfortable handle and pick up some large paper bags at the local hardware store for the leaves and sticks. If you have a fire pit, save the sticks!

Wash the Outside of Windows
This is one that usually goes forgotten, but do not forget to wash the outside of your windows as well as the inside! You might need the help of a ladder to get to the second floor. Remember to be safe!

Properly Clean the Siding
The best way is to use a soft cloth or an ordinary long-handled, soft-bristle brush. To prevent streaking, start at the bottom and work up towards the top of the house. When cleaning vinyl siding, remember to thoroughly rinse away any residue as you go.

Clean Out the Shed
This is a must to feel truly at peace with your spring cleaning… Usually by the end of fall and beginning of winter the shed becomes a cluttered mess of garden supplies, tools, kids toys, recreational equipment, and everything else that needs to be removed from the lawn at the end of the warm months. In order to have a productive spring, be sure to clean out the shed and organize it so that you are able to use it this summer for the activities you enjoy!

Remove Old Shrubs
Nothing looks worse than an old dead shrub in the middle of a clean yard… Be sure to remove any undesirables before the rest of the space turns green!

Lay Down Fertilizer
Fertilizer is a must in the spring and guarantees that your yard will be looking its best!

Plan out your Landscaping
If you plan to make changes to the look of your yard by adding shrubbery, fencing, flowers, trees, it’s helpful to draw out a map of your lawn and plug things in one at a time. Looking from above is helpful when planning out your landscape and it also stops you from buying too much.

Start Making Repairs
Nothing makes you feel quite as accomplished as fixing the little things… Do a lap around your property with a notebook and pen to take note of all the projects that need tending to… Things like a hole in a fence, a broken door or gate, the fire pit stones are crumbling… There are usually lots of little things that go forgotten.

Repaint Anything that Has Chipped
The winter weather often leaves damages like chipped paint. Take some time to pull out the paint cans and put a fresh coat over anything that needs it. Nothing says “clean” like a fresh coat of paint!

We hope out list helps you, and please be sure to share with us anything that you might have on your own list that we have forgotten.

At Stonybrook Remodeling, we specialize in roofing systems, siding, and windows, but we are here to provide you with valuable information to make your living space the best it can be!

Happy Cleaning!

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