Selling in Connecticut? Invest in New Roofing, Gutters, Doors, Windows & Siding For Strong Returns

Are you currently in the process of selling your Connecticut home? You are probably aware that after completing a number of viewings with prospective buyers that there are some areas they will pay particularly close attention to. This is because buyers try to assess how much necessary work will cost, and whether the purchase is financially viable for them. Inevitably, one of the major considerations purchasers in Connecticut make is how good a condition the exterior of your property is. So, if you believe that some upgrades to the outside of your home could yield you with a stronger selling price, read on to find out more.









What are the main things buyers will look at outside my Connecticut house? Well we believe the main ones include:

Roof. Hands down, a roof is a major part of a property and is something most buyers will pay very close attention to when viewing the exterior of 

your home before making a potential purchase. So, if your roof is looking a bit worse for wear, you can expect buyers to lower their offer or perhaps avoid making one all together. Avoid this, and consider making either essential repairs or if necessary, replace the entire roof to clinch that sale and get the best price possible.


Gutters. Have you checked your gutters recently? Although poor condition guttering doesn’t directly affect the selling price of your home, it can cause other issues. Defective guttering can cause major problems such as damp which can be costly to fix. Ultimately, defective guttering can also reduce the asking price of your sale by up to $10,000. So, don’t take any risks. If you are a competent DIYer, you may be able to carry out minor repairs yourself, but for full replacement, always use a trusted, local contractor such as Stonybrook Remodeling.


Windows & Doors. Where you aware that the first thing most prospective buyers of your property will consider are the condition of the exterior windows and doors? Good condition windows and doors make a massive difference to the overall look of your property outside. If they need replacing, this will take a significant investment. Nevertheless, a worthwhile one. Replacing your old windows and doors can increase your properties value by up to 10% and potentially grasp that all important sale.


Siding. Want to make the outside of your house look virtually brand new to create a fantastic first impression to prospective buyers? Replacement siding is a relatively affordable way to do this at around $10,000 for the average sized project. Virtually maintenance free and also long lasting, the condition of your siding may very much make or break a house sale. Why take the risk? 












From personal experience you are probably aware that buying a home in Connecticut is not something to be done quickly or without careful consideration. Buyers are savvy in what they are looking for, and if the exterior of your home is in poor condition and requires investment, this will detrimentally impact the offer made. It may even discourage a buyer from making an offer altogether. Make the best first impression by ensuring your gutters, roofs, doors, windows and siding are in the best condition possible. Attempt small repairs yourself if you feel confident. But for any major work, we always recommend calling in professionals such as Stonybrook Remodeling. Connecticut-based re-modelling company who use only the highest quality materials from partners such as Saint Gobain and Certainteed.

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